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COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Management (COVIM) System

The COVID-19 response is critical to save the world from this pandemic and reduce its related deaths and illness. With the global efforts to protect precious lives, the world now reached a juncture where the COVID-19 vaccine is to administer to different age groups. The experts are aiming to vaccinate 20% of the population of the world of different age groups and looking forward to equitable distribution of vaccines. This is a herculean task to manage this massive scale COVID-19 vaccine doses administration, storage and supply chain management, cold chain, surveillance, outreach campaigns and the human resource involved in these efforts.

Pace Technologies has developed and implemented COVIM in Pakistan to manage the supply chain of COVID-19 vaccination activities for the target population. COVIM is currently implemented at all tiers of the supply chain includes federal stores, provincial stores, all district stores and at the health facilities where the COVID-19 vaccine is being administered. Right now, the system is managing six types of vaccine supply chain and administration, i.e., Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, CanSino and SinoVac. The solution has web as well as android interfaces for real-time visibility of COVID-19 vaccines and their allied items at all tiers of the supply chain.

  • Vaccine stock management at central, provincial, district and health facility stores
  • Manage incoming shipments and Vaccine distribution to upper, lower or parallel supply chain tiers
  • End-to-End vaccine data visibility for COVID-19 vaccine storage, distribution and supply chain management including PPEs, ancillary items or any related items
  • Real-time visibility of consumption and vaccine inventory up to health facility level by batch/lot
  • Cold chain equipment management and visibility of volume utilized to store and protect precious vaccine
  • Stock transfer from one Health Facility to another health facility
  • Reverse logistics, Auto-requisition, Vaccine Ordering
  • Wastage monitoring of vaccine and diluent

The COVIM is an integrated system; provides a centralized vaccine management platform that can help to lower and middle income countries and health officials to manage vaccine distribution at any scale and expedite vaccine administration for a large population. The solution is designed to provide real-time access to vaccine administration data to support decision-making, including support for outreach campaigns and distribution efforts. Health managers can view dashboard and analytical reports of COVIM to analyze the situation at any administrative tier of the country.


The COVIMS solution allows :

  • Register mass for vaccination program
  • Make vaccination schedule available to the interested recipients; also locate recipient on scheduled appointment
  • Track vaccination administration and reporting
  • Access to immunization card using a mobile device, tablet, or PC
  • Monitor the dose administration and population coverage across a geography or jurisdiction and assist providers with inventory management of vaccines stock

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